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It seems to be somewhat common that to be an "artist" you will have started at a very young age. You would have been raised in a home that had at least one parent that was an "artist". You would have been exposed to the creative lifestyle everyday and made to be part of it. Or you will have in your possession that piece of paper that claims you earned a "degree" in the arts, possibly from reading the right books. This seems to be the case with many artist bio's. I can only assume it lends a little or perhaps a lot of credibility to the person. Besides being a very presumptuous way of describing yourself I always wonder, does it make their art better?

I realize we all are curious of others so I will attempt to provide a small slice about myself. I will first state, I am not completely comfortable explaining anything about myself. It is that deep introverted part of me that really just wants to be left alone when faced with such explanations. A one sentence explanation of "who I am" can only be summarized as; I am the person who experiences those things I choose to be part of my life. My experiences are continually forming the person I choose to become.

I would like to say, "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain", quoting from one of my favorite movies The Wizard of Oz, remember I am from Kansas;) I would much rather have my work speak for itself, it seems to do a much better job explaining most things about me than I could ever do in a few paragraphs but perhaps some things are not so obvious beyond the love for nature. I like to keep life and most things in it simple so I will attempt to do that here.

  • I was born in 1960 and raised in a small town in north east Kansas, Onaga.
  • I have lived in Kansas my entire life.
  • I have a great love of plants and all they represent.
  • I have great respect for the wildlife we share our world with.
  • I have strong naturalist values.
  • I have a degree in electronics technology.
  • I believe the creative arts are meant to and can enrich everyone's life.
  • It is more important to have fun than to work.
  • Music soothes the savage beast.
  • I believe we all must find our passion and let nothing stand in the way of achieving our dreams.
  • Life is way to short to take most things seriously.
  • You are never to old to learn something new.
  • My involvement into the professional aspects of photography began in 2006.


These are a few tidbits about me, my hope is that I am always changing for the better, it must remain a dream of mine until my time on this earth is through. I hope I can in some way make it a better place or bring a moment of happiness to someone, if even for a single person my time here will have been well spent.

Photography has taught me many things about life in general, possibly most important, we must always appreciate the lands we live on and the beauty around us.

My Artist/Personal Statement describes a bit more of what fills my thoughts when surrounded by nature.

Please use the sharing tools available on this site to share images with your friends. For up to date activities about my photographic journeys and thoughts please visit the blog as well.

Thank you for taking a few moments to let me share with you.

Artist/Personal Statement