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FHSP_020712Butterfly Milkweed On Konza Prairie We have made a distinction between Brad Mangas Photography and BMP Art Company based on experience that business client requirements are typically more involved and are of higher volume than those of non-business customers or general online sales. Most often this requires a direct involvement by us with the client. Communication is key to the success of each project. Based on our relationships with business and corporate clients since 2008 we felt the need to be more specific about what we do and what we offer when it comes to our business and corporate clients as we move forward.

BMP Art Company is the corporate sales branch of Brad Mangas Photography. We are one in the same when it comes to our art. With the founding of BMP Art Co. we now offer a personalized relationship for business, corporate, institutional, and professional clients. From local small community business offices to large corporate, healthcare, and professional spaces, we have one goal, to provide your professional environment the art you want, need, and can afford.

An additional note on art for healthcare facilities. We take great pride in providing art that is aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly exudes the peaceful, calming, and nurturing qualities that make it a perfect fit for the healing environment. We love when our art is displayed in settings in which those who are able to view it may benefit the most from it. 

Art is a wonderful addition to the work environment, but many times is overlooked by owners and managers or thought of simply as decoration. Natural art scenes can provide much more than simply decoration by inviting a relaxing, comfortable, and positive space in which to be and work. The issue with most art considerations is budget restrictions, or simply put, keeping the cost down. We get it.  We can work within any budget and still provide beautiful inviting artwork for your professional spaces.

Most often clients require a complete start to finish project. This includes; initial consultations with you of spaces in which you would like art displayed, detailed understanding of the art you desired and that we can provide, finished art options including framing and non-framing options, delivery, and installation. We will provide complete no obligation price quotes for any business, corporate, and professional work space. We understand your time is valuable and most times budgets are limited. You are the customer and your needs and requirements come first.

Based in Topeka, Kansas, BMP Art Company can personally serve a regional area of approximately 50-75 miles without additional delays due to extended travel. This includes the cities of Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan, Emporia, and all smaller communities in between. We can provide our personal services to the Kansas City and Wichita areas as well but may result is slightly longer completion times due to additional travel time requirements.

Typically we are able to assess your needs, work with you to develop a plan, produce the art, deliver, and install, all within a 6 week time frame. When possible, we prefer to do installations during the off hours with weekends being preferable.  

We pride ourselves in being able to provide you and your business environment with the finished decor, look, and feel you desire all while staying within your budget. Utilizing from the over one thousand unique, one of a kind images presently offered from Brad Mangas Photography we can truly make your space unique. We offer a variety of sizes and framing options for our fine art prints on archival fine art papers and canvas, all produced specifically for business and corporate clients. You will always have the option to select prints only and work with your local frame shop if that is what you prefer.

The focus of our work is nature, landscape, rural settings, and abstract nature art. With special focus on Kansas landscapes and specifically The Kansas Flint Hills. 

We would love to help you with any of your business, corporate and professional work space art needs.

Growing list of business & corporate clients.

Please contact Brad with our request form and let us know how we may begin helping you today. BMP Art Company Request Form 


Rainbow Over Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve - Chase County, KansasRainbow Over Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve - Chase County, Kansas