Wide open spaces of the prairies, grasslands, and rolling hills, from horizon to horizon. Clouds so pronounced they almost seem unreal, like a dream of floating white ever changing forms. These things become my soul and life giving breath. The smell of wet soil so rich you can literally smell the life within it.

Living surrounded by land that is rich in prairie abundance one sees first hand the circle of life with each passing year. To breathe deeply the fresh cool air that has been filtered by the vast expanse of the grasslands can only be described as nourishment with each life giving breath.

Am I actually experiencing these things? Are they part of me? Am I part of them? There have been a handful of times when these questioned become so overwhelming a noticeable lump begins to swell in my throat, my sight becomes blurred with warm moisture. I have allowed myself to be transformed. Transformed by nature and the very essence of life. Do I have a right to be here? What is my part? 


The Flint Hills and prairies have been my home my entire life. I have never felt alone standing by myself surrounded by miles and miles of open lands and nature. There seems to be the ultimate in freedom when holding a camera in such a place with complete control of what and when to take a photograph.

IMG_1036IMG_1036 As an artists who's tools are simple and experiences are personal nature inspires me to see what many may never get a chance to. A beauty in the grandest of lands and the smallest of life, a direct result of my love for nature and the outdoors. A place where life sustains life, where the winds blow in your face as the sun warms your body. To capture the essence of nature, one must understand all that it has to offer. This drive, desire and love to understand such things can only be produced in a photograph if the person taking it, feels it.

My work focuses on both intimate and grand portraits of the lands that inspire me. They are personal renditions rather than documentary pictures. Some of these are bold visions while others challenge the viewer to explore subtle compositions of lines and form beyond their initial impact.

It has become increasingly difficult to portray the beauty of the lands we live on and capturing only the beauty may have unintended consequences. Many times the lands have been abused, inundated with population growth, agriculture, and industry, this must never be ignored. But there are still those places we should explore and learn from. Protect and educate is key to maintaining the fragile lands we call home.

  • Will what I chose to do make a difference?
  • Will that difference be a positive influence to others?

The images I offer are a result of my honest effort to share the world I live in with the people I live in it with.

Brad Mangas