There are three main contributors to the health of a prairie, those factors are:
  • Grazing - Once this grazing necessity was done by enormous herds of bison, elk, pronghorn and deer. Today the grazing demands are done primarily by cattle. The wildlife population is not nearly what it use to be in North America.
  • Climate - There is no doubt that weather will have an ultimate role in deciding the health and longevity of our grasslands.
  • Fire - There has always been fire in the grasslands, originally started by Mother Nature. With the presence of Native Americans they soon realized the importance of fire and continued to bring fire onto the prairie at specific times of the year in hopes of luring the might Bison to new growth of grasses.
  • Today the fire is managed by landowners, not to lure any wildlife but to rid the grasslands of unwelcome woody plants such as red cedar, rough leaf dogwood and sumac which left unchecked would soon encompass the prairies and smoother the native grasses that are essential for a healthy prairie and ecosystem.