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SK_6800 This website is the public place for all my photography. It is a growing collection of pictures that began early in 2006. Updates and improvements will continually be made and for many reasons. Security updates are always a priority for safe and secure e-commerce to take place. Site improvements to functionality are necessary and there will be times when I just want to spruce up the place with a little different look. 

At present there are many ways to view the images available. By specific gallery, subject, color, season, format, location. I am always trying to find new easier ways for you to find what you may be looking for.

This site is hosted by Zenfolio. From the inception of providing work online I have had a few different sites that have hosted my images. I also have had a complete custom built site utilizing the software "Coppermine". All hosting sites do have their benefits as well as limitations. Thus far none have the flexibility of Zenfolio. As far as custom built sites using software such as Coppermine, this can present it's own unique challenges. Though completely flexible in its customization options, time required to maintain, update, and initially setup such a sight has proven more than I am able to commit too.

At times I include a soundtrack on the homepage of this site. When that is the case I will provide the track title and artist name here. 

I also maintain a companion blog site which is simply It is a site that provides a place to do much more writing and personal sharing about what I do and why I do it. You will see a link named "blog" in the header of each page on this site that will take you to directly to it. The blog is also a place where you can interact in the form of comments. I open the comments up for every blog post I write. I am always very happy to receive comments on the things I do or write about.  Feel free to be candid when you feel strongly about an issue. It's by keeping an open mind and willing to listen to others that I find ways to grow and improve that I simply can not do by myself.

Thanks for taking time to read a little more about this website. I will add info and tidbits as time goes on when I make changes that I feel need further explanation so feel free to check this site info page if things seem to have changed since the last time you visited.

On a business note, as a Zenfolio user I am able to offer a discount directly from Zenfolio. If you are looking for a way to host your own photography on the internet I would suggest giving them a try. There is even a free trail to check things out first. I even get a discount myself on my renewal if you use the discount link button you see below. If you decide to, Thank You!

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