There may be many questions when it comes to using this website, whether it's viewing images, using features or making a purchase. I have put together this list of topics to help answer some of the more common questions and concerns you may have. You may always send specific questions or comments to me directly at: or simply by using this contact form

FAQ's AV_1234AV_1234


Is my personal information safe when making a purchase?

Absolutely. It is the most important function of this site. This site utilizes https:// the industry standard for online transaction. When you visit a sight on the internet you will typically notice the www. or http://www. at the begining of the web address in the navigation bar. In contrast an https:// address has added a layer of security. The technicalities of this function goes way beyond the scope of this brief description. Basically it prevents others from seeing or tampering with information that is being transmitted.


How do I register on this sight?

Click the login link you see at the bottom of each page and choose Create An Account.


Is my personal information stored?

When you become a register user on this sight you fill in your name, address and email which are used each time you need to place an order. That information is the only information ever stored. Credit card, bank information, paypal information, passwords are NEVER Stored.


How do I identify a specific image?

Every image on this sight has an Image ID. It appears under each thumbnail and then again under the image when you are viewing in larger. It typically is four letters followed by four numbers. Example MAFA_3575. Note some Image ID's may contain more than four numbers. 


How do I order a print?

When viewing any image in a gallery there is a yellow BUY button in the top right of the screen. Simply click that button and make your desired selections. 


Can I order prints other than purchasing online?

Yes, You can always contact me directly. This can be done via email or phone. Use the Contact page to send an email describing what you would like to purchase. Include the image(s) ID number and the size you would like. I can also be reached by phone at 785-224-6027. I am not always available to answer calls so please leave information and a return number and I will call you back as soon as possible. I always try to return calls the same day and typically within the hour.


What if I don't like the print once I get it?

This needs to be as simple for you as possible. You may simply return it. If you return a print of any kind or size and do not contact me first, simply put a note with it explaining that you are returning it for either a replacement or full refund. If you do I would be curious as to why but, you don't have to say if you prefer not to. Please read our guarantee at the end of this list to fully understand the lifetime guarantee.  If you contact me first via email or phone I will be able to help if there are any questions about returning the purchase. If a refund is requested I will refund according to how the item was originally purchased, example: credit card, paypal, check etc. The main thing is no worries for you. If you have any questions please touch base with me first.


Search for a specific picture?

Ninety percent of the images on this sight include keywords. These are descriptive words associated with each image. You can use the "Open Search Option" that appears in the pull down menu from the "Browse By" menu, type a word that best describes what you are looking for. For example if you are looking for pictures that have water in them you would enter water into the search field. If you are looking for images with water in them and of the flint hills simply type water flint hills into the search field. You can keep expanding on this such as water flint hills spring yellow wildflower and so on.  Just remember no punctuation just spaces between the keywords. Results will be displayed that match those criteria. A quick note about "flinthills" or "flint hills" personally I always spell it as two words, flint hills. But I have included both in the keywords so you may spell it either way.


What is a lightbox? 

When you register as a user on this sight you have the option to login to your account. When loged in you will be able to check past orders and to build your own lightbox. A lightbox is like a personal storage area where you can select images add them to your lightbox for retrieving in the future. There is no limit to the number of image you can add and you can login to the site from anywhere on any computer and have instant access to you lightbox. This is a convenient way to keep track of images you would like to access at a later date.


Can you prepare a lightbox for a buyer?

Sure! I would be happy to make a custom lightbox with your desired images or images you may be interested in. I will then email you a direct link to your lightbox.


Can you prepare a picture other than what I see here? 

Yes. Images can be cropped to specific sizes and formats or color images can be converted to black and white. There may be some restrictions to this, I will let you know if that are any issues with your requests.


How big can a print be? 

All images on this sight can be printed up to 16x24 inches. A large number of those can printed up to 24x36 inches and a percentage of those can go as large as 40x60 inches. This is dependent on some specific criteria such as viewing distance the image will be displayed at. Please inquire about a specific image using the Image ID to see if there may be size restrictions.   


Can I use your images for free?

The short answer is no, but there are exceptions to this. This is best explained on the Licensing Page.


Can I print your images myself?

Print ready digital files are made available at desired sizes and resolutions. As explained on the Licensing Page all images are copyright protected by the United States Copyright Laws and may not be used without express written consent.


Will prints look just like what I see on my computer monitor?

This is where you need to understand a couple aspects of "prints" vs "monitor image." For the most part what you see is what you will get when it comes to the print. What you need to understand is when you are looking at your monitor you are looking at a very low quality image on a computer screen that is not color calibrated and is at the mercy of your browser to interpret the colors. This usually means the colors you are seeing are not the "true" colors of the print. Yes, they may be close but electrons on your screen are not the same as the ink droplets on the paper. I process all my images using a complete color managed workflow incorporating industry standard color and luminosity calibration equipment such as a high resolution graphic display and matching Spectraview calibration hardware and software for the highest accuracy available. The images and final prints will match my intent, but keep in mind it may not match what your computer screen is capable of displaying to you. If there is one thing to remember that would be the print will be far superior to what you are seeing on your screen in color, clarity, detail and overall appearance. I guarantee it.


What is your guarantee?

In my opinion a product is only as good as it's guarantee. That is why I offer this unheard of guarantee on all my work. Your purchase of any fine art print is guaranteed for life from fading in color or quality. If you simply are not satisfied with any piece for any reason you may return it within 12 months for a full refund. That's right, you can return a piece at anytime within 12 months from date of purchase for a full refund or replacement. There is no catch but there is a stipulation. The piece needs to be in same condition it was when you initially received it. If receive a piece and it was damaged during shipping I will immediately replace it at no cost to you. You simply need to provide a picture of the damaged piece. I can not refund a purchase if the piece has been damaged after you receive it. When shipping art tremendous precautions must be made to insure it is not damaged. If you return a piece for a refund you are responsible for the packaging and shipping costs. If I receive a piece that has been damaged during shipping I can not refund the purchase. Please package and ship all items the same as you received them. It must be in the same condition as when originally purchased. Please refer to these guidelines for proper handling of your art.

I am fully confident of what I offer and stand behind all of it 100%.